Saturday, November 28, 2015

Organic Crib Mattress: A Healthy, Safe Option for Baby's Sleep Space

Man-made chemicals are found everywhere in our modern world. Shampoo, lotion, household cleaning products, and dust all contain or carry toxic chemicals. Alarmingly, some pregnant women and newborn babies have been tested and shown to have over 200 different chemicals in their blood! While individually, chemicals can be relatively harmless, such a high buildup of toxic chemicals is certainly cause for concern. Fortunately, parents, and society at large, are becoming more aware of what, exactly, we are consuming every day. Mattresses are required by law to pass various flame retardant standards. While making mattresses inflammable is a good thing, companies add fire-retardant chemicals to their mattresses to pass these strict safety standards. These chemicals can possibly include polybrominated diphenyl, boric acid, antimony, and formaldehyde. High levels of these chemicals are associated with brain damage, respiratory problems, and cancer respectively.

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