Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Mattress Stores in Sacramento, CA: Tis on Choosing the Right Mattress

Once you’ve got an idea of the kind of mattress that suits your needs—be it a memory foam or natural latex mattress--you can head on out to leading furniture and mattress stores in Sacramento CA such as The Healthy Bed Store. When in the store, be sure to read product descriptions closely and to keep an eye out for product certifications to see which ones comply with strict global quality standards. Likewise, see that you let the attending sales representative know about your preferences. Don’t hesitate to ask questions, either, so you can make a more informed decision. You can count on staff at a leading vendor like The Healthy Bed Store to be are well-versed in the unique features of name-brand mattresses such as OrganicPedic, OMI, DreamFit, and REM Sleep Solution.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

High-quality Bedroom Furniture in Sacramento, CA Promotes Good Health

Your bedroom is a place where you can wind down and recharge after a long day. However, your bed can also harbor harmful elements that can compromise your health. As such, here are a couple of tips when it comes to choosing the correct bedroom furniture in Sacramento, CA. If you or any of your family members are unable to get some quality sleep, it is high time to check out quality beds in Sacramento from a trusted vendor—such as The Healthy Bed Store, for example. Browse through a selection of health-centered bedroom amenities, from adjustable bed foundations to mattresses that meet the needs of each family member.

Friday, December 12, 2014

Put your Gadgets Down and Sleep Better on your New Sacramento Mattress

It has been found that a comfy mattress from Sacramento dealers like the Healthy Bed Store directly affects your sleep (and in a positive way). That’s a guaranteed fact, which means that if you still find it tough to get some shut-eye during the night, then you might have to make a few lifestyle modifications. More specifically, the culprit might be your continued habit of using your gadgets before bedtime.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Sleep and Memory: Why you should Visit a Sacramento Mattress Sale

To better understand this piece of information, keep in mind the three functions of memory: acquisition, consolidation, and recall. Acquisition is when a person receives new information; consolidation refers to the processing of the information in the brain, and recall is the final stage where memory is accessed. Of all three, only acquisition and recall occur during the waking hours. The gears start running during the consolidation phase, at which point the brain strengthens all new neural connections that form memories. This is where the results of the previously mentioned studies kick in—e.g. the effects of 4EBP2 and the neuron-protection mechanism that the brain employs. To facilitate a good night’s sleep, and thereby improve your memory, you might want to visit a nearby Sacramento mattress sale soon.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Sacramento Mattress Stores: Loaded with Options to Suit Sleep Styles

If you have asthma, allergies, or specific preferences, you can find organic mattresses that are chemical-free, mold-resistant, and customizable to the firmness you need. They are also made of breathable, moisture-wicking materials that are highly durable (and environment-friendly to boot.) According to health experts, the best sleeping style would be anything pillow-supported. Aside from quality beddings and cushions, mattress stores in Sacramento like The Healthy Bed Store offer organic pillows, which you can strategically use to promote the natural curvature of your spine or your ideal body positions while you catch some Zs.

Monday, November 10, 2014

Tasteful for Two: Picking Sacramento, CA Bedroom Furniture for Couples

Aside from using these tried and tested design ideas for gender-neutral master suites, be sure to pick Sacramento, CA bedroom furniture that you and your partner will equally enjoy. That way, both of you will be happy with the revamped room. In particular, find the bed and mattress that will accommodate the two of you and merge your preferences. Aside from ample space, look for sets or items that you and your partner are comfortable with. Choose queen or king-sized beds, preferably with memory foam mattresses, which absorb movements well and suit varied sleeping styles.

Friday, November 7, 2014

Benefits of an Organic Mattress from a Sacramento Health Bed Store

When it comes to the long-term benefits of natural versus synthetic materials, there really shouldn’t be any debate; in the case of mattresses, natural should always come out on top. However, for some, when choosing an inexpensive synthetic mattress over an organic mattress from Sacramento bed stores the consumer is often unaware of the benefits organic mattresses offer.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Sacramento Mattress Sales: Choose Quality Sleep over Price or Fabric

There is no shortage of mattress discounters in Sacramento. If you missed a sale, many mattress chains are still able to lower the prices in their inventory for favored customers. Retail experts advise buyers not to be content with a token discount, especially when sticker prices can be slashed by as much as 50% during sale events. Before heading over to the mattress retailer, get your priorities in order and be sure you are willing to spend for them. You definitely won’t lose sleep when you make the right decision.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Protect Back Health with Quality Beds from Sacramento Mattress Stores

For people who are experiencing back pain upon waking up, how long it takes for the pain to disappear can be a good indicator of whether the mattress is the problem or not. If, after stretching, the back aches disappear in 15-30 minutes, there’s a good chance that the mattress is not the right fit and must therefore be replaced. Perhaps not surprisingly, sleeping is a natural cause of back pain because people remain in one position for several hours while unconscious. Lying for extended periods of time over low-quality mattresses can encourage poor sleep posture which may have adverse, long-term health effects. Therefore, those who are browsing in mattress stores in Sacramento, CA should keep in mind that their choice must conform to bodily curves and offer proper support to decrease the muscle aches experienced upon waking up and to ensure proper back health.

Friday, October 24, 2014

Sleep Safe with Organic, Non-Toxic Bedroom Furniture in Sacramento, CA

While the Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC) has deemed the risk of fire-retardant chemicals insignificant, concerned groups are worried about the long-term effects of exposure. For those looking for bedroom furniture in Sacramento, CA, going organic might be the way to go in order to remove risk, however minimal, especially for children whose developing bodies are especially vulnerable to chemicals. Those in the market for beds in Sacramento have the option of getting non-toxic, certified organic mattresses from reputable establishments, such as The Healthy Bed Store. After all, with sleep being highly integral to one’s quality of life, it is important that the hours spent in beds are not only comfortable and relaxing, but that they are also kept healthy even in their sleep.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Leading Sacramento Mattress Provider Offers Tips on Managing Back Pain

Back pain can really hamper your daily living, affecting you at work, accomplishing household chores, and spending time with loved ones. The Healthy Bed Store, a leading Sacramento mattress retailer owned by therapist Wayne Franson, offers the following tips to help you manage the discomfort: Ice the Pain During the first 24 to 48 hours, doctors recommend applying an icepack to your sore back. That’s because the cold will reduce inflammation in the muscles and help them relax, thereby reducing pain. After that, though, switch to a hot compress to dilate the blood vessels, which promotes proper blood circulation in the injured area.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Going to a Sacramento Mattress Sale? Choose an Organic Mattress

Believe it or not, the mattress on your bed is releasing VOCs into your home—and lots of them. According to lab tests, a conventional mattress emits about 61 types of VOCs, a fact that should give you pause top consider an organic mattress the next time you go to mattress sales in the Sacramento area. What’s worse, VOCs aren’t the only hazardous chemicals present in mattresses. According to experts, many mattresses these days are treated with boron or boric acid to make them more fire resistant. However, this chemical happens to be used in pesticides as well. Not surprisingly, some people experience joint pains, nausea, and even nosebleeds when sleeping on these pesticide-laden products.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Can Buying from Sacramento Mattress Stores Help you Sleep Better?

Human beings spend nearly one-third of their lives sleeping. Sleep is the body’s way of rejuvenating itself to stay functional, so the need for uninterrupted sleep is imperative. Conscientious shoppers visiting well-stocked Sacramento mattress stores have the option to go green when purchasing a mattress. According to Organics Online, organic mattresses are more beneficial to both owner and environment than conventional ones. Non-organic mattresses produce chemical based fumes called ‘Volatile Organic Compounds’. These VOCs have the potential to be harmful to human beings by provoking allergies and causing many flu-like symptoms such as coughing, rashes, and breathing difficulty.

Monday, September 8, 2014

Sleep Easy thanks to Sustainable Bedroom Furniture in Sacramento, CA

In an effort to spare forests from unnecessary harm, many furniture manufacturers have chosen to take the “reclaimed” route. This line of bedroom furniture in Sacramento, CA has become increasingly popular with homeowners, as described in an article for for reasons that shoppers and environmentalists alike cannot afford to ignore. Trees are the earth’s natural filters; they change carbon dioxide into oxygen. These trees, however, are often used to create furniture. When trees from old growth forests are cut down, our filter system becomes weak. Makers of sustainable furniture attempt to balance this trend.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Ensuring an Elderly Loved One’s Comfort with a Mattress in Sacramento

As you practice lying on each mattress, take note of pressure areas that are sensitive on the elderly, such as shoulders, hips, knees, and the elbows. You might consider the memory-foam mattresses, as they have the ability to retain warmth that frees up the joints. Make sure to be clear about the return options too. It’s never too late to show an elderly family member that you love them and make every effort to help them rest after a long day. Sacramento mattress sellers such as The Healthy Bed Store will help you find the most comforting mattress for your loved one.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Back Pain Solutions through Quality Mattress Sales in Sacramento, CA

Some mattresses are firm enough to allow for easy lying on the side, but the right sleeping position will play a role in such situations. The article states that people suffering from osteoarthritis of the facet joints or spinal stenosis can sleep in a fetal position to free up pressure from the facet joints. Mattress discounters in Sacramento like the Healthy Bed Store Sleep and Wellness Center will offer you the finest, environmentally-safe mattresses out on the market to aid in back pain treatment. The CertiPUR-US® brand of memory foam mattresses, for one, can conform to the natural form of your back.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Sacramento Mattress Stores: Everything You Need for Quality Sleep

Make the Bed Beddings, too, play an important role in getting the right kind of sleep. In her article, Ms. Schmidt sought the advice of interior design experts, who say that textures, colors, and designs all contribute to relaxing the mind and creating the right environment for sleep. Additionally, experts recommend organic beddings that are free from harmful chemicals to ensure a toxin-free environment. Fortunately, reputable mattress stores in Sacramento also carry a wide array of beddings to help you find everything you need in one place.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Sleeping on Healthy Beds in Sacramento is Vital to One’s Well-Being

"Sleep experts say that modern-day Americans have been getting one and a half hours less sleep than previous generations, and that less than 35% of people get the recommended seven to eight hours of sleep nightly. The National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke also found that around 60 million Americans suffer from stress-induced sleep disorders. It is well-known that good and adequate sleep is vital to one’s health, playing a major role in maintaining a good immune system, enhancing memory and other cognitive functions, improving metabolism, and many other health benefits. It is, therefore, your best interest to create an environment that is conducive to getting and good and healthy night of sleep."

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Buy the Best Mattress in Sacramento and Do Your Own Health a Favor!

Legal concerns aside, the research emphasizes the health benefits of sleep and why people should do whatever it takes to improve their sleeping experience. Sometimes, a good night’s rest is solely dependent on the person’s choice of mattress, which is where Sacramento mattress stores like The Healthy Bed Store come in. These companies have a wide range of mattresses, beddings, and bed furniture for people to choose from to help them rest better. In addition, some of these mattress stores also offer organic products to give their customers a non-toxic sleeping environment. Mattresses come in various shapes and sizes because they’re meant for different people. For those who wish to simply enjoy a good night’s rest, memory foam may be the right choice because these mattresses mold to the person’s body and distribute his or her weight evenly. A memory foam doesn’t just provide a relaxing sensation, which ensures a person sleeps undisturbed; it also offers some lower back relief.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Turn to Organic Mattress Sales in Sacramento for Your Child’s Sake

These chemicals are harmful to humans regardless of age or gender, although they have a more profound effect on children. When exposed to PBDE for prolonged periods of time, children can develop cancer, neurodevelopmental delays, thyroid problems, and even infertility later in later life. Parents should be mindful of this when buying a new mattress for their kids. One place they can go to is The Healthy Bed Store, which offers organic mattress sales in Sacramento and Folsom, California. They don’t just provide the best organic beds, they also employ sustainable practices in their place of business to ensure the health of their customers and their children. They make it a point to steer clear of PBDE, a chemical which stands for polybrominated diphenyl ether and is normally found in foam-based household products.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Noted Sacramento Mattress Stores Bring You Cool, Breathable Mattresses

"Latex manufacturers have also adapted the contour design of memory foam by adopting various shapes, such as cylindrical slabs; as well as by increasing the number of open cells and channels. Both measures allow more air flow, and thus, better cooling. Likewise, notable Sacramento mattress stores carry products made from Talalay Latex rubber, a natural material that can organically dispel body heat. Mattress and bedding manufacturers today are more than aware of the demand for more breathable mattresses, especially in blistering locales like California. This is why one can expect trusted mattress stores in Sacramento, like The Healthy Bed Store, to have the latest state-of-the-art products that make sleeping more comfortable and pleasurable than ever before, regardless of the weather."

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Wooden Bedroom Furniture for Sacramento Beds from Sustainable Practices

"Those who wish to ensure they get wood-based bed frames manufactured under such conscientious forest management principles can go to select Sacramento, CA bedroom furniture stores who carry only brands that adhere to these principles. Here’s a brief look at some of the best practices in sustainable wood production. Wood Plantations To prevent the depletion of natural forests, furniture makers source their wood from plantations or tree farms. Night and Day Furniture based in Vancouver, WA gets its wood from rubberwood plantations in Malaysia, which observe planting and re-planting rotations, and cut down only rubberwood trees that can no longer produce latex efficiently."

Friday, August 1, 2014

The Right Sacramento Mattress Helps Keep Snoring, Body Pain at Bay

"A 2012 survey showed that almost three out of four Americans sleep on their side. While good for reducing snoring that makes for restless nights. It also increases the chances of hip or shoulder aches the following day. Sleeping on one’s back is considered by many experts to be the best position, but is also known to induce snoring. A person is said to make an average of 10 to 12 body movements while sleeping, so it is not likely for anyone to remain in just one position the entire time. While each one’s favorite sleeping position comes with its own pros and cons, several measures, such as wearing an anti-snoring device, going on a diet, and sleeping on the right mattress, can mitigate the cons, and enhance sleep quality. Sacramento locals are thus advised to take their mattress shopping seriously, and find the mattress from Sacramento stores that works best for them."

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Sacramento Mattress Sales Companies See Many Americans Sleeping Longer

"Second, quality latex mattresses are also healthy and safe for seniors who generally have decreased resistance to diseases. Even the small population of individuals with latex allergy can rest assured they are protected when they use excellent brands. The manufacturing process for these brands includes washing, which eliminates almost all free proteins—the main causes of latex allergies. Latex mattresses can also “breathe”, thanks to its pinholes that allow natural airflow. This means the bed can stay cool even in the unforgiving California summer."

Monday, June 23, 2014

Sacramento Mattress Stores: Bad Mattress-Induced Sleep Messes You Up

Another study in 2009 proved the direct connection between mattresses and sleep. Fifty-nine healthy people were asked to sleep for the first 28 consecutive nights on their regular mattresses, and then on newer mattresses during the next 28 days. The results affirmed that the subjects’ stress levels significantly decreased as they slept on newer mattresses.

Go to any of the trusted Sacramento mattress stores and ask the bed experts—you’ll get a similar response: bad mattresses screw up your sleep, and your general health over time. What happens when you don’t get enough sleep for prolonged periods of time? This excerpt from Huffington Post shows just how unpleasant that could get:

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Useful Tips in Choosing the Perfect Frame for Beds in Sacramento

On the other hand, wooden frames are more popular, mainly because they come in a wide range of styles. You can go plain with it if you like it simple and inexpensive, or you can go more ornate. Wooden frames for beds in Sacramento and other locales also come in a variety of colors. In the durability department, wooden frames are known to last as long as their metal counterparts, and both require minimal maintenance.

Aside from material type, consider size and functionality. Measure your room’s floor area beforehand and find a frame that will not occupy a lot of space in the room. On functionality, consider who’s going to use the bed. For instance, children often use their beds for things other than sleeping – think kids playing “monkeys jumping on the bed”. For that, better to opt for an exceptionally sturdy frame with a simple design, rather than a fancy-looking one.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

A Guide to Buying Mattresses from Sacramento Stores for Baby’s Crib

Mattresses can gather bacteria or fungi over time, and while many of these could be nearly harmless to adults, your baby might end up getting ill when he gets exposed while he sleeps. Be sure to regularly run a vacuum over the mattress and leave it out in the sun for a few hours every now and then to rid them of bacteria.

You can trust your local Sacramento mattress store to have the best options for helping your baby sleep peacefully every time. A good night’s sleep today can lead to healthy growth and physical development tomorrow.

Monday, June 16, 2014

A Reason to Browse Sacramento Mattress Sales for the Perfect Sleep Aid

Since you can’t really completely judge the quality of a mattress while you’re awake, try to nap in the test bed. When you sleep, your body will reach the point of REM or rapid-eye-movement sleep, in which your dreams become vivid enough to warrant reactions from your body. A good mattress will support your spine and your body, and help your skeletal muscles to relax throughout the active “dream activities” while you sleep.

When you plan to purchase your mattress, think about the type of mattresses that had given you trouble sleeping in the past. Take careful note of it so the next time you’re looking into a mattress sale in Sacramento, you can avoid settling for the things that don’t work for you.

Monday, May 5, 2014

Sleeping on a Perfect Mattress from Mattress Stores in Sacramento

What does this mean to the average consumer? If you wake up in the morning still feeling tired, take a good look at the quality of your mattress. A truly good “traditional” mattress effectively utilizes two essential parts: the spring coils and the padding. A higher concentration of steel coils distributes back support evenly and provides adequate firmness, but made comfortable by a high-quality padding. Of course there are other options available today like foam and air mattresses. This is where speaking with a true bed and wellness expert like Wayne Franson, owner of the Healthy Bed Store, can really help to educate you and help you make the right purchase.

Another cue that it might be time for a replacement is if you realize that you sleep better in a hotel room rather than in your own bedroom. Eliminate discomfort by buying the perfect mattress for you from reputable mattress stores in Sacramento, such as The Healthy Bed Store. Since when was the last time you enjoyed a long, well-deserved snooze?

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Tips for Choosing Kid-friendly Bedroom Furniture in Sacramento, CA

Note that children eventually outgrow their fantasies. For parents who’d like bedroom furniture to last until their kids leave for college, they can try mixing fun pieces with “grown-up” items. One way to do this is by keeping the old but trusty bed and pairing it with a newer and savvier study desk.

Browse from a wide selection of Sacramento beds and beddings that are not only durable and stylish, but also ultra-comfortable. Bedding stores, such as Healthy Bed Store, also provide a range of specialty sleep and wellness products, such as organic and naturepedic blankets and mattresses, to offer your child not only restful sleep, but healthy rest, as well.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Sacramento Mattress Maintenance and other Tips on Fighting Bed Bugs

Mattress Encasements

Moreover, you can also opt to buy mattress encasements as a precaution against future infestations – these are basically large fabric bags that you can put around your mattress. These can be zip closed so that any existing bed bugs and their eggs will eventually starve and die out, making for a natural way of keeping them at bay.

Sacramento mattress stores can provide you with excellent choices when it comes to comfortable, safe, and allergy-free mattresses, but having bed bugs at home could undermine all their comfort benefits. This is why you should regularly check on the condition of your sleep equipment, and clean them whenever necessary.

Monday, April 28, 2014

Why go to Mattress Sales in Sacramento? Tips for a Good Night’s Rest

Read to Relax

According to Scrawny to Brawny’s Craig Weller, you could also benefit from about 15 minutes of light reading right before bedtime:
    “Avoid intellectually stimulating fare and use this time for “candy” reading. It will reduce mental chatter and allow you to relax and let go of the day’s preoccupations.
    “Candy” reading, by the way, is whatever you normally wouldn’t read.
    So if you normally read non-fiction, try reading fiction. If you prefer to read fiction, try reading some history.”

Prep your Bed

Make sure that your bed is comfortable enough for you. Take note, though, that comfort is a subjective concept; what might be the perfect mattress for you is not sufficient enough for the other. It may take a bit of money and effort on your part to get a good mattress by visiting your local mattress discounters in Sacramento, but the payoff of having the best rest you can have each night could be well worth the effort. Always keep your comfort in mind, as well as the optimal biological functioning of your body while working to achieve quality sleep.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Let Reputable Sacramento Mattress Stores Help You Get a Good Sleep

According to most medical experts, any bed that is advertised to have good back support may be suitable to people with back pain. However, they also say no single bed type is suited for everyone suffering from this ailment. Sleeping on a mattress that is too firm may cause aches in a person’s pressure points. A mattress that is too soft may also be harmful, as it can cause the sleeping person to curl up, putting unnecessary pressure on his or her back.

Reputable mattress stores in Sacramento usually advise their customers to put great stock in their relaxation first. In addition to the softness or firmness of the mattress, comfort can also be achieved in other ways. Size, for example, can be key to finding comfort among those who tend to toss around a lot in their sleep.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Why Smart Buyers Choose Non-Toxic Bedroom Furniture in Sacramento, CA

Many people will find it disturbing to know that the methods used to stop one hazard (fire, in this case) may actually lead to serious health problems in the long run. Some environmentalists also argue that flame retardant chemicals actually have little or no benefits. These green advocates claim that many fire retardants are actually ineffective in preventing combustion, but emit toxic gases and soot when they’re set aflame.

Consumers who want to avoid potentially harmful chemicals in their furniture, particularly their beddings and mattresses, should be aware of the materials used in the products they plan to purchase. Thankfully, there are stores which sell bedroom furniture in Sacramento, CA that make use only of organic, non-toxic materials.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

The Importance of a Quality Mattress in Sacramento to Improving Sleep

Mental health experts continue to study sleeping disorders and the extreme difficulty experienced by some in falling asleep. Many regular folks, however, can’t get the right amount of sleep because they don’t have enough time between their waking hours. Other possible causes include stress and a poor diet. Regardless of the cause of one’s sleeplessness, experts agree that a quality mattress helps in improving sleep. Those planning to buy a mattress in Sacramento should purchase from reliable dealers such as the Healthy Bed Store for the ultimate in comfort.

A good mattress makes all the difference between a comfortable sleep and a rough night with a bad back. Experts recommend that sleepers should choose a mattress that’s firm enough to keep their spines straight, yet not hard enough to be too uncomfortable.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Sleep like a President: Take Advantage of Mattress Sales in Sacramento

With mattresses you usually get what you pay for. Thus to get a quality mattresses cost can require a substantial investment. To help entice customers, retailers are eager to find occasions to provide discounts. While President’s Day is the traditional mattress-sale holiday, folks should be on the lookout for mattresses being sold on special, regardless of the occasion. The key to catching mattress sales in Sacramento is to keep a close eye for announcements and promotions.

Due to what some consider the steep prices of mattresses, many owners hesitate to purchase new ones. However, experts strongly advise that mattresses should be changed every ten years, as the products lose their comfort over time and could be host to parasites, like dust mites and bed bugs. To affordably switch to new and fresh mattresses, buyers should check out local mattress discounters in Sacramento such as the Healthy Bed Store.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Sacramento Mattress Stores Help Solve Back Pain for a Restful Sleep

A near fifty percent improvement in the areas of physical comfort and sleep quality is nothing to scoff at. The quality of sleep that a person gets to have at night has been found to affect one’s predisposition, focus and overall health the following day. Availing of a fresh mattress from one of the many good Sacramento mattress stores, like the Healthy Bed Store, therefore, should help provide a good night’s rest.

A lot of mattress stores in Sacramento, CA often sell the usual big brand names of mattresses, but thankfully, there are more cost-friendly choices available. There are also some mattresses that are designed specifically to deal with orthopedic problems arising from uncomfortable sleeping positions. Sleeping on a proper mattress assures more than a good night’s sleep, but also an improved quality of health.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Sacramento, CA Bedroom Furniture Renovation Mitigates Allergens

It should be obvious to replace mattresses that are old and worn out, since beds easily become breeding grounds for allergens, such as dust mites, over time. Fortunately, today’s bedroom furniture in Sacramento, CA and other areas are more resistant to allergens than before. This should help especially those who are more susceptible to allergens.

While allergists aren’t quick to rule out mattress covers as a source of allergens despite the study results, it’s still ideal to check your bed once a while. If you’re spending too much time cleaning the mattress, it may be every reason to buy new Sacramento beds from stores like The Healthy Bed Store.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Can Torrance Auto Body Shops Step Up to Rising Repair Challenges?

Mattresses are supposed to provide adequate weight support, specifically for the spine. To avoid sore muscles and cramps, find a mattress that supports the body’s curve in a neutral position. Make sure that the heels, buttocks, shoulders and head are properly aligned. This way, discomfort is eased by enough support on the body’s so-called pressure points. For the most part, however, selecting a mattress relies on personal preferences, which shouldn’t always be the case. Some people, indeed, prefer picking a firmer mattress because of the “back support” features, but somehow end up with muscle cramps in the morning.

In selecting your mattresses, keep these two things in mind: support and comfort. A mattress with enough inner springs or coils is your best bet as they provide adequate support for the spine, while also allowing for its natural curves. For comfort, take close note of the padding and the material used for it.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Purchasing Quality Organic Mattress in Mattress Sales in Sacramento

Organic mattress may be a bit more costly than the regular one, precisely because of the material used to produce it. However, there are a lot of cost-saving ways to get the best value out of this organic bedroom item. A mattress sale in Sacramento, for example, usually would have a wide selection of organic-made mattresses, all labeled with corresponding seals of approval from environment organizations. Looking out for these seals and labels can be helpful when choosing the right organic mattress, for one’s health.

Apart from its quality, one of the major benefits of switching to organic mattress is that its material does not cause allergies. While most mattresses nowadays are known to be treated so that it won’t be easily exposed to allergens, organic mattresses carry none of the factory-grade chemicals or ingredients that may prove harmful for those who are predisposed to have allergies.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

How to Shop Wisely at Reputable Mattress Stores in Sacramento, CA

Make the most out of your 20 minutes by spending five minutes on your back, five minutes on each side, and 5 minutes on your favorite position. Employees of trusted Sacramento mattress stores such as The Healthy Bed Store will typically brief you on the features of the mattresses you’re trying out to help you weigh the pros and cons of each one.

Start the search for your ideal mattress by visiting reputable mattress stores in Sacramento, CA. These stores usually have everything you need for your bed – from the bed frames, to the pillows, to the beddings.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Sleep Safe & Sound with Non-Toxic Bedroom Furniture in Sacramento, CA

To avoid this issue, make sure to choose non-toxic bedroom furniture in Sacramento, CA. Check the wood of the bed frame that you are inclined to purchase. If it is sealed and finished, there is no toxic risk. Several brands guarantee non-toxic products, such as Styles In Green, Urban Woods, Night and Day, and Pacific Rim, among others.

Trusted retailers of beds in Sacramento such as The Healthy Bed Store employ accommodating staff who will assist you in finding the ideal mattress and bed frame for your bedroom. These professionals will tell you all you need to know about the different kinds of products available so you can narrow down your choices to the products that will help promote a safe good night’s rest.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

A Sacramento Mattress Store May Just Have a Great Treat for Your Kid

The firmness or softness of mattresses, however, does more than ascertain comfort. This quality also enables children to shift positions safely, without risk of rolling off a bed. Moreover, it helps determine the amount of support a child’s back and spine receives—a factor that is very important, especially as the bones of youngsters are not yet fully developed.

Parents can find bed and crib mattresses that are safe for their children at Sacramento mattress specialty shops like the Healthy Bed Store.

Friday, February 7, 2014

Beat Back the Pain: A Reason to Drop by Mattress Sales in Sacramento

Following any of these tips will be good for your health, even if you do not actually suffer chronic back pain. It could even help you avoid experiencing the condition altogether. This is why, if, for reasons related to your job or schedule, you cannot devote yourself to doing the first three, you should at least try to accomplish the fourth point. It would be relatively easy to do so—nowadays, there are many sleep-support products on the market, ranging from beds to pillows, that are sold at mattress sales in Sacramento.

Studies show that newer designs of memory foam, latex-core organic, and advanced air mattresses help people sleep better. An air mattress, in particular, is beneficial as its firmness can be adjusted to match body weight and support the back. In turn, memory foam makes a sleeper more comfortable as it follows the contour of his or her body, relieving the back of pressure.

Friday, January 31, 2014

Choose the Right Mattress when Shopping at Sacramento Mattress Stores

A mattress that a person uses affects his or her sleep, so prior to purchasing a new one, a shopper may benefit from researching his or her options. Luckily, a slew of Sacramento mattress stores offer a wide range of mattress options. However, each individual has his or her own needs and preferences, and thus he or she should get a mattress that is suitable for him and her.

Different types of mattresses are available to cater to different people, like innerspring mattresses with steel coils and layers of upholstery that insulates and cushions the body, which may be ideal for Sacramento locals with back conditions. However, those who do have an orthopedic ailment are recommended to consult with their physicians first to determine the right kind of orthopedic mattress that provide better support and relief for them.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Having the Right Bedroom Furniture in Sacramento, CA May Improve Sleep

Sleep not only helps people feel physically rejuvenated, it also helps keep them mentally revitalized. Sleep deprivation, on the other hand, has been linked to increase the risks of certain medical conditions like diabetes and dementia. However, for some people, especially in a busy city like Sacramento, the question remains on how they can get their needed good night’s sleep.

Environment is one of the factors that affect sleep, and an individual will have difficulties sleeping if his or her bedroom is not conducive to sleep. One way to fix this is to get the right bedroom furniture in Sacramento, CA and make sure the pieces evoke calmness and relaxation. This way, whenever an individual enter his or her bedroom, he or she won’t have any issue to lie on the bed and either take a rest or sleep.

Monday, January 27, 2014

Sleep Tight: Why You Should Purchase an Organic Mattress in Sacramento

Organic mattresses may not look any different from artificially produced cushions, yet the foams that lie inside these two vastly differ. For one, the plastic coverings in some synthetic mattresses are typically made from polyvinyl chloride, which is an identified carcinogen. In pathology, a carcinogen is described as any substance or agent that causes cancer.

Additionally, some of these artificially-prepared beds are also treated with highly toxic open flame fire retardants. While the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) mandates that mattress manufacturers, including the ones in Sacramento, must process their products with fire retardant components, there are natural, non-toxic alternatives like wool. Thus, those concerned about their health can have peace of mind with an organic mattress in Sacramento that’s all natural and uses zero chemicals.

Friday, January 24, 2014

Mattress Sales in Sacramento Can Save You from High Costs and Pain

Folks shouldn’t endure sleeping on a bed that no longer feels right for them; if they continue to stick with the same old cushions or coils, they'll only end up putting themselves at a disadvantage. If an individual is experiencing back pain, he or she can consider getting a brand new mattress. Those who think that spending on beds is a costly investment can take advantage of affordable mattress sales in Sacramento.

Back pain can severely affect the quality of an individual’s life and, at times, ruin restful sleep. As the article implies, improper mattress firmness can lead to poor back support, exacerbating the pain even more. Optimal firmness is a quality found in most latex mattresses, providing ample support for an individual's back as they push back, rather than absorb the person's weight.