Friday, August 21, 2015

Dust Mites and Bed Mattresses: 3 Tips to Reduce Your Allergy Symptoms

Do you suffer from allergies? Well, if you often find yourself itching, red-eyed, and sneezy in the morning as you wake up, it might be because you’ve been sharing your bed with dust mites. These tiny creatures are one of the main causes of allergies at home and when there’s a lot of them in your bed, you most certainly won’t get a good night’s sleep. Dust mites are everywhere in Sacramento. They’re 8-legged arachnids that, when indoors, thrive in mattresses, curtains, carpets, couches, and other fabric furnishing left unwashed for a long time. They’re so called because a significant percentage of dust particles are found to contain their skin molts and feces, which cause allergic reactions in hypersensitive individuals.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

On a Quest for the Right Bed: Tips for Shopping in Mattress Stores

Perhaps your old, saggy mattress is giving you back pain. Maybe you can actually feel its jutting bedsprings poking you or it’s just a plain old eye sore. Even you venture to take a peek at its bottom you might find a budding colony of dust, mildew, and tiny critters. Find a new mattress you can purchase with confidence from a Sacramento bed store and which you’ll love for the next 8-10 years with these three smart shopping tips: 1. Try the actual mattress you’re considering. There are online mattress stores, but no amount of research can equal testing the mattress in the store itself. A mattress you purchase without personally assessing may not meet your expectations, say it’s too hard or soft, too big or small or not as comfortable as you have imagined.

Monday, August 17, 2015

Beneath the Sheets: How to Choose a Quality and Natural Latex Mattress

Mattress manufacturers never run out of flowery buzzwords to say that their products are the best on the market. You might see phrases like “Chemical-free” and “100 percent natural”—it all sounds the same to consumers by now, leading many to assume that all are equal and the same. When it comes to “green” mattresses, latex seems to be the top choice. Latex mattresses are sold widely in Sacramento and all over the U.S. due to the public’s growing concern on the harmful effects on health and the environment of synthetically made mattresses. It’s a jungle out there for buyers in the market for the right kind of bed, but there are a few ways to make it all less confusing and help you make the best decision.

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Make the Switch to Naturepedic Organic Mattresses for Your Baby’s Crib

Babies spend majority of their early years sleeping. According to Baby Center, newborns sleep for an average of 16 to 17 hours a day while older babies sleep for about 10 to 14 hours. This means that for the most part of your baby’s developmental years, they will be spending it lying down on a mattress in a crib. What most parents don’t know is that the bulk of cribs and mattresses made for babies have toxic materials in them, which their children can freely breathe in and absorb. Switching to a Naturepedic organic mattress from sleep and wellness centers in Sacramento or anywhere else is the logical choice once you find out what really makes up a regular crib mattress.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Give your Baby a Healthier Night’s Sleep with an Organic Crib Mattress

Infants less than three months old tend to have varying needs for sleep, and once they turn three or four months old, they’ll begin to need 13 to 16 hours of sleep within the day, most of it at night. It might also take 12 to 24 weeks before your baby can sleep soundly through the night, but as doctors say, it’s never too early to help them develop healthy sleeping habits. Helping them develop healthy sleep habits not only gets them to fall asleep on their own, but are also small steps towards the development of their cognitive and overall skills development. You can also do yourself a favor by getting more time for sleep as well without constantly waking up to an uncomfortable and hungry baby.