Friday, August 1, 2014

The Right Sacramento Mattress Helps Keep Snoring, Body Pain at Bay

"A 2012 survey showed that almost three out of four Americans sleep on their side. While good for reducing snoring that makes for restless nights. It also increases the chances of hip or shoulder aches the following day. Sleeping on one’s back is considered by many experts to be the best position, but is also known to induce snoring. A person is said to make an average of 10 to 12 body movements while sleeping, so it is not likely for anyone to remain in just one position the entire time. While each one’s favorite sleeping position comes with its own pros and cons, several measures, such as wearing an anti-snoring device, going on a diet, and sleeping on the right mattress, can mitigate the cons, and enhance sleep quality. Sacramento locals are thus advised to take their mattress shopping seriously, and find the mattress from Sacramento stores that works best for them."

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