Friday, September 20, 2013

Gaining Weight? It Must be Your Mattress in Sacramento!

The obesity rate of 25% for Sacramento County may be significantly lower compared to the national average, but it still is considered to be alarming. People are aware and they take actions through different diet regimens and exercises. But what they don't know is that sleeping on the wrong type of mattress is also a big factor for weight gain. Since many buyers of bedding furniture have no clue of the negative effect of sleeping on the wrong type of mattress, sleep deprivation is at high. Sometimes, they misinterpret their lack of sleep as a sleeping disorder, when in fact, their mattresses are what's keeping them out of their beds. In return, these people tend to oversleep, which is said to help gain weight by more than two pounds. And those who lack sleep lead to having a slower and inadequate metabolism. There are mattresses in Sacramento that give you the comfort and worth for your money, such as the organic types from

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