Tuesday, February 20, 2018

5 Reasons Not to Believe the Myth that an Organic Latex Mattress Sleeps Hot

In terms of mattress comfort, heat retention is probably the last thing on the average buyer’s mind. Just like firmness and support, however, temperature regulation has a rather large influence on the quality of your sleep. According to sleep product research organization, Sleep Like the Dead, about 8 percent of people report that their mattress retains a significant amount of heat. Unfortunately, many also believe that latex mattresses in particular are not ideal for hot sleepers. In truth, an organic latex mattress is the least likely to feel hot as you sleep, and here are five reasons why.

Natural Components

People who complain about excessive heat retention probably don’t have authentic natural or organic mattresses. Since synthetic and hybrid mattresses are not made with purely natural materials, they don’t benefit from the open-cell structure true latex mattresses are known for. As a result the mattress just traps the sleeper’s body heat because it doesn’t have anywhere else to go.

Better Airflow

The unique structure of the organic latex mattress allow for better airflow and circulation. Pinholes all over the mattress allow it to “breathe,” so to speak. Cool air goes in just as the hot air is expelled, providing you with a cooler surface to sleep on. In fact, the more you move in your sleep, the cooler you may feel as the air also moves through the pinholes. Read more from this article:

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