Monday, July 4, 2016

Taking a Look at the Production Process of Natural Latex Mattresses

When it comes to organic mattresses, there are many technical terms to understand. Natural rubber mattress, natural latex mattress, and natural mattresses are some of the terms you will usually find on product labels. 

Contrary to common notion, however, these tags do not all have the same production quality or ingredients. In fact, many brands use these terms as marketing strategies to increase their sales.

Understanding the Different Kinds of Latex Mattresses 

For starters, most natural rubber mattresses are made by blending natural rubber with synthetic latex (styrene-butadiene rubber or SBR) in order to reduce production cost, as obtaining 100 percent latex is quite expensive for companies. Such mattresses are not completely organic and they can emit unhealthy fumes that may cause allergic reactions during sleep.

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