Sunday, October 26, 2014

Protect Back Health with Quality Beds from Sacramento Mattress Stores

For people who are experiencing back pain upon waking up, how long it takes for the pain to disappear can be a good indicator of whether the mattress is the problem or not. If, after stretching, the back aches disappear in 15-30 minutes, there’s a good chance that the mattress is not the right fit and must therefore be replaced. Perhaps not surprisingly, sleeping is a natural cause of back pain because people remain in one position for several hours while unconscious. Lying for extended periods of time over low-quality mattresses can encourage poor sleep posture which may have adverse, long-term health effects. Therefore, those who are browsing in mattress stores in Sacramento, CA should keep in mind that their choice must conform to bodily curves and offer proper support to decrease the muscle aches experienced upon waking up and to ensure proper back health.

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